Imagine having everyone in your organisation, from the Board of Directors down, understanding the soul of your company. It’s mission, values, it’s very reason for existing.

When that happens, employers, employees, companies, families, society, the country, its people become better.

That’s what we do.

HendriksBHCS is a comprehensive framework that allows the purpose of an organisation to be expressed and lived throughout the organisation.

The gold lies in the predictive analytics that are soon created within the system. These will produce reduced risks, improved profitable revenues, efficiencies and reduced costs.

The system ultimately provides robust human resource data enabling the measurement, tracking and improvement of the hard and soft skills of its workforce.

The system includes a web based platform that collects objective data, creates and manages job descriptions, manages performance reviews and delivers actionable insights.

The behavioural interviewing courses are available online.

You will see improved ROI on future training, investment and realignment of future employees.

We are committed to creating happier workplaces that make a difference.
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